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Title: The Effectiveness of Teaching EFL Grammar in Context Case Study: Of Third Year Pupils Middle Schools in Algeria.
Authors: Fariza OUMSALEM
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2014
Abstract: Grammar is a multidimensional concept which covers a large number of grammatical and discourse features of texts that need to be mastered by language learners. Learning grammar is a difficult task as it requires from the student to demonstrate the mastery of its appropriate aspects for the presentation of ideas as well as mastery in all areas of language. It is also a long process regarding all what is expected from the teacher in the classroom. The present work aims to show that grammar instruction can be more effective if it is taught in its context to enhance using grammar functionally for third year in middle school in Algeria. It also shows that, despite the misconceptions and the misunderstanding about grammar, mainly in relation to the practices in teaching, it contributes not only in improving students‟ writing and speaking but also in developing their capacity to learn a new language. To achieve the aim of the study, two questionnaires were addressed to the students and teachers of third year in middle schools in Algeria to obtain their opinions about teaching grammar in context. The aim of the questionnaire is to get information about the importance and the role given to teaching grammar in its authentic context by both the learners and the teachers and their attitudes to relating grammar instruction to its authentic context. The analysis of the questionnaires showed that both teachers and learners consider grammar as an important aspect of learning English as foreign language. They insist on relating grammar instruction to its context to be helpful for developing learners‟ proficiency. Teachers do not use the method that helps learners but what they see that is useful for them. On the basis of these results we have suggested some guidelines that may help the learners improve their learning English as a foreign language. This study recommended the importance of teaching grammar in context in English language teaching to improve students‟ achievement.
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