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Title: Factors of Language Anxiety in Learning the Speaking Skill
Authors: Benakcha Somia
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2014
Abstract: This research is an attempt to investigate the sources of anxiety in oral English classrooms at Biskra University. This study used a mixed research method in a questionnaire and a structured interview format. The findings suggested that foreign language anxiety can originate from communication apprehension, fear of failing tests or negative evaluation. Especially, fear from peers, the students‟ self perceptions and the degree of self-esteem, besides, their beliefs about language learning, and instructor‟s beliefs about language teaching. Classroom procedures were found to provoke anxiety, particularly, the teacher‟s questions and error correction in the classroom. The three stages of learning, and the socio-cultural factors like age, gender, and errors in social settings were present as sources of language anxiety. Finally, in an attempt to find solutions, we propose some strategies in order to help students cope with their anxiety and become more confident to speak in language classrooms, thus ultimately enhance their learning of oral English.
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