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Title: The Influence of Using Audio-Visual Aids in Teaching English Vocabulary
Authors: Miss. Alia Ben Sola
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2014
Abstract: This research work attempted to examine the effectiveness of audio-visual aids in enhancing pupils’ vocabulary acquisition at 3rd year middle school level. It aimed at finding out whether these teaching aids help in leading pupils to well remember new words. To achieve this aim, we relied on two means of research: a questionnaire and a classroom observation. The questionnaire was handed to teachers in order to investigate the techniques applied by teachers to present new vocabulary items. It focused on investigating the role of audio-visual materials as one of these techniques. Moreover, the classroom observation was set in order to obtain more direct, real and accurate data on what is going on when explaining and practicing new words with and without teaching materials. The results obtained from this investigation confirmed our hypotheses and revealed that pupils remember nearly all new words when they encounter them with auditory and/or visual images. These aids were also useful means to attract and motivate pupils for teaching not merely vocabulary but also a foreign language. Coming with these findings, we have proposed some pedagogical implications for the teaching of vocabulary with audio-visual devices. We showed that traditional and modern technological materials provide more comprehensible vocabulary and create a relaxed atmosphere inside the classroom.
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