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Title: The Teachers' Role in Enhancing EFL Learners' Communicative Abilities
Authors: Fadila Rehaiem
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2014
Abstract: The present research attempts to investigate the role of the teachers in improving EFL learners’ communicative abilities. In other words, the research is concerned with finding whether the teachers have anything to do in enhancing the EFL learners’ communicative abilities especially if they have classes with learners of different needs. The hypothesis that we set forth at the very beginning of this study is that, the teachers' roles and actions influence the learners’ achievements of their communicative abilities in EFL. So, the investigation is about whether the teachers' decisions and behavior that are hold by learners would strengthen their success in using English. However, teachers should focus more on the communicative language teaching methodology which helps the students to build up their communicative abilities in using the target language and move from using the old approaches of teaching English as a foreign language such as the grammar translation approach which emphasize on teaching the language from its linguistic aspects. The analysis of the questionnaire results that the teachers are considered as the basic element in promoting the learners' communicative abilities in using the EFL. Indeed, the results show also that the EFL learners need more assistance from their teachers in order to be proficient.
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