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Title: The Effectiveness of Using the Computer in Improving EFL Students’ Writing
Authors: LALLALI Houria
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2014
Abstract: In this present research we are going to discuss the effectiveness of using the computer in improving EFL students‟ writing. Our dissertation is divided into three chapters. Each chapter looks for a special and different issue. The first two chapters are theoretical. In the first chapter, we talked about the writing skill, its development, its nature, its meaning, the writing process and its steps, the various approaches used in order teach writing at classes. We also did not forget the purposes behind writing and the different types of writing. In the second chapter, we dealt with the computer and its emergence in education and its development. Furthermore, we provided its benefits as well as the drawbacks. In that chapter, we made a comparison between handwriting and writing on the screen. The last chapter is the field work that is about the description and analyses of students‟ questionnaire. This latter is submitted to second year students in order to obtain and collect their attitudes, opinions towards the effectiveness of using the computer in improving EFL students‟ writing. IV
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