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Title: The Role of the Teacher in Lowering EFL Learners’ Anxiety to Enhance their Oral Proficiency
Authors: MEGHAIRI Mahdi
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2014
Abstract: This study investigates the various roles of the oral expression teacher that can lower students’ anxiety to enhance their oral proficiency. It captures the oral expression teacher as a recommended and crucial solution to help anxious students. This would be done by reconsidering a variety of humanistic and affective multifunction of the teacher. This study has used a qualitative and quantitative research method in a questionnaire format. The findings reveal that FL anxiety can originate from three main sources, the teacher, the learner and the classroom procedures. Notably, the more students are anxious the more they avoid to speak. All the findings obtained from this study interpret and demonstrate the crucial role of teachers to accomplish their task in a best manner in teaching the spoken language enjoyably and successfully. Besides, the more the classroom atmosphere is relaxing the more students use the spoken language and enhance their speaking skill.
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