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Title: Improving Student’s Interaction Through The Use of Referential Questions
Authors: Hamida Ahlem
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2014
Abstract: This research paper investigates one of the most problematic subjects in the domain of teaching . It deals with the teaching in classroom to third year student at the University of Mohamed kheider of Biskra .The primary aim is to improve students interaction through the use of referential Question. Nevertheless, this study aims at investigating whether or not asking referential questions facilitates interaction in classroom .The present paper consists of two main parts. Each part consist of two chapters. The first part covers the theoretical aspect of the study. It generally presents a research on the classroom interaction. The first Chapter summarizes the nature of the clasroom Interaction, the teachers role and the interaction type.The Second Chapter examines the nature of referential questions, the purpose and the functions of these questions in classroom.The Second part is devoted to the practical aspect of the study.It represents the research design of the study, the choice of the method, the population and the sample . The fourth chapter represents the analyses of both students and teachers Questionnaire. These in turn indicate that the interaction increased more when referential questions are asked .On the other hand ;we can say that during this study we found that asking students referential questions facilitate students interaction and learning . The Table
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