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Title: Investigating the teachers’ motivational Strategies to enhance students’ oral fluency
Authors: LOUKRIZ sihem
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2014
Abstract: The present study aims at investigating the effects of the teaching strategies on the students’ motivation to speak English fluently. Developing speaking skills includes several aspects that influence this process. It is more than obvious that the students together with the teacher are the most important ones. The way this process can be influenced from the position of the teacher will be the aim of this work. It also attempts to shed some light on the importance of motivation when it comes to improving the oral fluency. Modern teaching methods of foreign languages count on involving the use of different motivational strategies and activities which support such a development. The basic hypothesis adopted in this study sets out that effective foreign language learning takes its roots in actions and language use. We believe that promoting this vision to teaching English will contribute to motivate learners and provide them with extensive language use and classroom oral production. The method of this research work is quite descriptive. The data were gathered through selfcompletion questionnaires administered to third-year LMD learners and to teachers who have taught Oral Expression at the Department of English, Mohamed KHEIDER University, Biskra. The results have shown that motivational strategies are the right technique for increasing learners’ motivation for language use and classroom oral participation which in turn affects learners’ oral proficiency. On the basis of these results, the hypothesis was confirmed in that students need to be provided with adequate strategies to motivate them and help them develop their speaking skill and to create suitable situations where they can use the language without hesitation.
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