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Title: The Effect of Reading Strategies in Improving The EFL Students’ Reading Skill
Authors: Miss .NASRI Shahira
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2014
Abstract: A good command of the reading skill is increasingly seen as vital to equip learners for success in the twenty-first century. However, how to achieve better results in English teaching and how to develop students’ reading competence remains arduous for teachers of English. This work intends to conduct a research on the effect of reading strategies in improving the EFL students’ reading skill for first year English students at the university of Biskra .There are some objectives that we want to reach throughout this study. Firstly, we want through this research to define the reading process in relation with the different reading models. We also want to review how reading is acquired according to different authors. Secondly, we want to identify the reading difficulties that may hinder EFL students’ reading development. Finally, we aim at diagnosing the strategies which may improve EFL students’ reading skill in order to sensitize the teaching and learning communities to the importance of reading. We also want to propose some solutions to help learners overcome their reading problems to reach a satisfactory communicative proficiency. In order to confirm or reject our hypothesis which postulates that the implementation of the effective reading strategies would bring positive results on the students’ reading skill. Therefore, we found it necessary to administer questionnaires for both teachers and students.
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