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Title: The Negative Impact of Large Classes on Students‟ Oral Performance
Authors: Zeghdoud Meriem
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2014
Abstract: The speaking skill is one of the important skills in studying English as a foreign language in which the student shows his/her knowledge using his/her oral capacities. However, there are different factors that impede him/her from being a competent speaker; and the large classroom size is one factor. Our present study is concerned with the investigation of the negative impact of large classes on the students‟ oral performance. Dealing with such matter, we aimed at exploring the relationship between these two variables using the descriptive method and it was by two means of data collection which are an interview with teachers and an observation tool with second year LMD English classes that we tested our hypotheses. From the obtained findings, the set of the hypotheses we stated were confirmed in that; studying in a large classroom, the students‟ oral performance is poor. They have fewer chances to speak, interact, and communicate with the teacher or with each other in addition to teachers who face difficulties in their instruction.
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