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Title: Investigation of Teachers’ Feedback on Learners’ Writing
Authors: Souria Belgasmi
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2014
Abstract: This research is conducted in order to explore the effects of providing feedback to third year learners of English at Biskra University. Shedding light on the learners’ attitude help us to gain insight on the whole learning process from both teachers’ and learners’ perspectives. This work, on one hand, investigates the issue of third year learners committing errors and having difficulties in writing. From the other hand, the study provides an eclectic approach of providing feedback that help learners positively to enhance their performance. The reason behind tackling this particular topic is the circumstance that learners, even in higher levels, still encounter problems in writing or revising their written work; thence, many tools were used to gain validity and reliability and to answer research questions. Two questionnaires were administered. The first one was handed to teachers of written expression to collect data about using feedback and a second one to third year students to collect their views and attitudes about their teacher’s feedback. Moreover, essays analysis, post and pre-test were used to evaluate the effectiveness of the suggested treatment. The research results reveal that the majority of the participants argue that effective feedback do create a positive attitude and this latter lead to the enhancement of learners’ performance. Learners, according to the analysis of questionnaire and essays, have a negative attitude towards feedback, and the teachers do not notice in progression in the learners’ performance. Last but not least, we hope this short study will have a significant contribution to the subject of written expression. Hoping that EFL written expression teachers will be aware and very acquainted with the importance of providing a fruitful feedback to their learners to enhance their long-life learning.
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