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Title: Implementing Cooperative Learning Technique in Teaching Speaking Skill
Authors: Benfatah Fatma Zohra
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2014
Abstract: The present study aims to investigate how EFL teachers implement cooperative learning technique in the classroom to explore the effectiveness of implementing this technique in developing learners’ oral skill. The present study was conducted with two second year LMD classrooms following the qualitative approach. Classroom observation, group interview and teachers’ interview were used as the main data gathering tools in this research and helped us in getting insights into how cooperative learning is implemented by oral expression teachers and into learners’ attitudes towards learning in small groups. The research findings have revealed that learning in small groups developed learners’ oral skill and confirmed that the implementation of cooperative learning technique comprises some negative aspects like creating noise in the classroom and groups’ conflicts. Based on the obtained results, we recommended that teacher-learner collabortion could reduce the problems that impede the success of implementing cooperative learning in the classroom
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