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Title: The Use of Students’ Oral Presentations in Enhancing Speaking Skill in the English Language Classrooms
Authors: ZITOUNI Nadia
Keywords: Oral Presentation, Speaking Skill, Oral Proficiency
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2014
Abstract: The aim of this dissertation is to explore the role of students’ oral presentations in enhancing speaking skill. This study focuses particularly on students’ oral presentation as one of the activities that are use in oral expression to improve students’ oral proficiency. We hypothesize that if students do so much presentation in oral expression with in the classroom, then their speaking skill will improve. This study has contained two parts: theoretical part divided into two chapters one about oral presentations and another about speaking skill and practical part is the fieldwork of the study. In this study, we address 02 issues (1) students’ attitudes towards the use of oral presentation, (2) the effects of using oral presentation on students’ performance. The study has mainly conducted to five (05) teachers of oral expression and forty 40 students of second year at the department of English in Biskra University. To collect data for this study, three tools been employed the questionnaire for students, interviews with teachers and research’s observation sheet. All the participants involve positively and show much of interest. We analyzed the obtained data through descriptive analyses, which is significant for analyzing the nominal data. Research findings showed that students were actually highly positive in their beliefs about benefits and usefulness of doing oral presentations as a learning activity. It has revealed that oral presentations were beneficial to help students enhance their performance in oral expression and other courses. However, students need more practice on how to structure, plan and organize their presentations. Based on the findings, some implications would give for both teachers and students. We hope that this study will be useful to both teachers and students of other levels in teaching speaking skill.
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