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Title: Enhancing Students’ Writing Skill in EFL Classes Through the Cooperative Language Learning Technique
Authors: Hali Yamina
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2014
Abstract: The purpose of the present study is to investigate the effect of using well-structured small group work to enhance third year LMD students’ writing skill at the English Department of Biskra University. In order to check this correlation, we have hypothesised that wellstructured small group work would enhance students’ writing skill if the teachers put into classroom application the cooperative learning principles and techniques that would result in developing the learners’ written production. To verify the validity of these hypotheses, an experimental study has been conducted. Two groups have constituted our sample: an experimental group and a control one. A pre-test has been administered to examine students’ individual writings according to the graphic organization of an academic essay; i.e. the comparison and contrast essay which should include : an introductory paragraph, developmental paragraphs (two paragraphs at least : similarities paragraph, contrasts paragraph) and a concluding paragraph. The task is done without the implementation of the cooperative learning technique. The results of the pre-test have shown a limited knowledge of writing a descriptive essay and a wide range of mis-organization. Afterwards, a questionnaire has been conducted to teachers to gain more information about our sample’s use of cooperative learning. An experiment has been conducted to enhance students' writing skill by implementing a cooperative learning technique Jigsaw II (Slavin, 1980) mainly through an explicit teaching. The results of the post-test have confirmed our hypothesis that the students’ writing skill is developed through the use of well-structured cooperative group work. Thus, we recommend the adaptation of a Cooperative Learning Approach to teaching writing which entails teaching writing through a Communicative Approach. iv
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