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Title: Evaluating some features of academic writing used by students in developing a linguistic essay
Authors: Boussadia narimene sarah
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2014
Abstract: One of the basic of what the present research intends to is the evaluation students in writing a linguistic essay with using features of academic language ,appropriate linguistics register variables, and structure of an essay .So in light of what has been mentioned is to give some point before starting writing an essay ,with mentions the steps in writing an organized essay ,also states pattern of organization an essay with keeping in mind transition signals between paragraphs in writing essay .After tried to offer and developing some definition about academic language and linguistic register with following features of academic language .Also it shows students how to follow a structure of linguistics essay .As far as the actual research use testing of exam papers as a sample of the written data .One cannot ignore the findings from the analysis that demonstrate or present feedback that seems to be bad because students in the English Department at Mohemed Khaider University ,Biskra, do not mention this features of academic language ,linguistic register, also following the structure of linguistics essay As consequence ,the research recommends that the program should include these sections in teaching with a clear and explicit direction by the teachers in teaching the features of academic language ,and practice it in classroom sections
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