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Title: The Extent of Impllementiing Mulltiimediia iin Teachiing Liisteniing Comprehensiion
Authors: Ben djaballah Asma
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2014
Abstract: The present study aims to show the importance of multimedia in teaching listening comprehension, also it aims to investigate the extent to which multimedia is beneficial when incorporated in the classroom teaching. Also, this study tries to identify multimedia elements teachers frequently use in teaching listening comprehension if they do, and if they do not, the study wants to find out reasons of the negligence of multimedia in teaching. Moreover, this paper shows the importance of listening comprehension in Teaching English, and it displays the appropriate tools that can be used for teaching this skill taking into account certain principals before the practice of listening inside the classroom. In order to ensure if teachers of oral expression implement multimedia in teaching listening comprehension or not, we collected data from teachers’ questionnaire, that is administered to oral expression teachers in English division at Biskra University. In addition to the classroom observation with second year LMD students, and interviews with their teachers of oral expression. Major findings revealed that teachers do not implement multimedia in teaching listening comprehension, and this goes back to the lack of the appropriate materials for teaching listening skill, besides to learners’ lack of motivation and negative attitudes towards this skill. In the light of the obtained results, some suggestions and recommendations for both teachers and students are proposed to find out solutions to this problem.
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