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Title: Motivating Students’ Speaking Skill through Role Play Technique
Authors: ZERGUI Djamila
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2014
Abstract: This research attempts to investigate motivating students’ speaking skill through role play technique. The main problem is we notice that students’ speaking level is unsatisfactory. In the other hand, there are number of ways in which teachers can help their students to improve their speaking level. The purpose of our study is to suggest the role play as an appropriate and an effective way to develop students’ speaking skill. We hypothesize that using role play activity is effective in arousing students’ speaking in English. In order to confirm or reject the hypothesis, three main tools were used; (questionnaire, interview, and observation), in this study. The students’ questionnaire, which is administrated to first year LMD students at department of English at Biskra University, conducted to see what students need in learning speaking and their opinions about the use of role play. Teachers’ interview intended for the same sake. We adopt the classroom observation to see the effectiveness of role play in developing students’ speaking level. The results show that role play is a useful technique for increasing students’ desire to use language.
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