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Title: Preparing Novice Teachers for the Requirements of Teaching Professional Development
Authors: Mairif Mounira
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2014
Abstract: Teachers play an enormous role in the educational process. Due to the difference between the two processes, teaching and learning, neophyte teachers face various challenges. This study aims to figure out to what extent the new educational reform at the tertiary level prepares graduates students to the requirements of the labor market as well as stress the need for a kind of preparation for novice teachers. As this study revealed that the academic courses of university does not prepare new teachers adequately. The results obtained through complementary research tools; questionnaire distributed to second year master students, novice teachers and university teachers, interview and classroom observation. The findings indicated that the hypotheses being stated came to be confirmed, in that university courses provide only the theoretical background on teaching profession without stressing its pedagogical implications consequently it does not prepare future teachers adequately. By the end, recommendations and suggestions were offered to improve the quality of teachers to learn better using efficient professional development strategies.
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