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Title: Creating Effective Classroom Environment to Promote Students’ Motivation to Learn English as a Foreign Language
Authors: Douib Torkia
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2014
Abstract: We have noticed that the process of teaching and learning face many obstacles and difficulties in secondary schools, especially in teaching English as a foreign language.The difficulties that teachers encounter are such : lack of effective classrooms as well as students’ motivation. We always wonder why our classrooms seem not suitable, and why students seem not effective in the classroom. To highlight this problem, the present work suggests some techniques and strategies for creating effective classroom environment to promote students motivation to learn English as a foreign language. Along this study, we try to prove the necessity of providing suitable conditions that enhance the management of the class and students disruptive behavior, as well as their motivation for success, more importantly, we try to present more strategies for teacher to plan and organize classroom activities and behaviors. Also, we have focused in the second chapter on the models of motivation that are well known in educational psychology, as well as on the characteristics of a good teacher and his role in enhancing student’s motivation to learn English. In this dissertation, we will attempt to investigate data and we will suggest appropriate solutions to the learners problems ; we rely on two tools of research : a) Students questionnaire and b) Teacher questionnaire administrated to the third year students of literary branch of Mofdi Zakaria secondary school at Wed Souf (55 students), and to their teachers of English language as a foreign language (6 teachers). The data gathered tools revealed that students and teachers find difficulties in creating effective atmosphere and in maintaining motivation and engagement in classroom activities. We believe in this study that the role of the teacher is essential and in the heart of teaching-learning process. So we suggested some characteristics and qualities of effective teachers.
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