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Title: Using Video Techniques to Develop Students’ Speaking Skill
Authors: Miss Saci Sihem
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2014
Abstract: In this dissertation, we present the most helpful material in the field of teaching foreign languages which are video techniques, as their name indicates, it’s a tools used in the teaching second language. In this work, we aim to explore the effects of video techniques on improving and developing learners’ speaking skill and communicating abilities. The present work is mainly concerned with making use of video technique to maximize learners’ oral production. Throughout this work, we intend to show the importance of using this technique with students of second or foreign languages. The basic hypothesis adopted in this study sets out that effective use of video technique can help teachers to develop their students’ speaking skill and communicating abilities. Also we aim to show the different video techniques and show that their use can enhance and motivate the learners to develop their ability. In this study, we based on second year students’ questionnaire to get information about the impact of using video technique on developing the learners’ speaking skill. The analysis of the questionnaire showed that the learners consider videotapes as an important technique in enhancing the skill of speaking; hence it helps to increase their performance.
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