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Title: Investigating Factors Contributing to Poor Reading Culture
Authors: KHEIRI Sana
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2014
Abstract: Poor reading culture is a puzzling issue that has over spread among our society. Our present thesis attempts to investigate factors that lead our second year EFL students at Biskra University to have reluctant reading. The basic hypothesis adopted in this study set out that through satisfying our second year EFL students’ need psychologically, pedagogically, and socio economically, they will pleasurably acquired in reading culture. This study presents a descriptive investigation in which two distinct tools are used, questionnaires administered for both second year EFL teachers and students and an interview devoted for educated parents in order to investigate their attitudes toward promoting reading culture acquisition. The basic conclusion that has been drown is that in addition to students themselves, parents and teachers should cooperate together in order to enable their second year EFL students to be involved in reading culture
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