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Authors: BOUNAB Houssemeddine
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2014
Abstract: History can be told through many different versions, each from its writer’s point of view or ideology, it is actually difficult to reach objectivity in a historical research, due to the several different versions exist in libraries and among which the well financed and published versions prevail around the world for the account of its sponsors. During the past one hundred years any theory of history or historical evidence that falls outside a pattern established by the American Historical Association and the major foundations with their great power has been attacked or rejected - not on the basis of any evidence presented, but on the basis of the acceptability of the argument to the so-called Eastern Liberal Establishment and its official historical line. This dissertation aims at analyzing some historical milestone events that contributed in shaping the new world policies such as the JFK Assassination, some military takeovers that took place in Latin America, Russia and many other countries in the world and how it was a cause for changing the countries regimes and policies toward capitalism that serves the American interests in the area, and in the last chapter, we will give a description of some infamous conspirators who had the upper hand in bringing about most of the world’s crisis and how they work to create conflicts that bring them a huge income of benefits. Mentioning how each event is related to the other in a way that serves one side which is the conspirators whose first aim is to dominate over the whole world through globalization and to create a system of a one world government. ii
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