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Title: Teache r’s Role in the Afte rmath of the Implementation of Competency-Based Approach in EFL Classes
Authors: GHERRAZ Nehla
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2014
Abstract: This dissertation is intended to investigate the teacher’s role and its importance in first year middle schools, after the implementation of the Competency-based Approach by the Algerian government as part of the school reform of 2003. It also seeks to explore the development of approaches and methods to language teaching and learning throughout a certain period of time. A descriptive exploratory Study is carried out to investigate the effectiveness of the Competency-based Approach in first year EFL classes. In doing so, and to achieve the already mentioned aims of the study two main tools were used. On the one hand, classroom observation is used as the main research tool; the observation has been administered in all firs year classes, during foreign language (English) sessions. On the other hand, a questionnaire, which is the second tool, has been delivered to a sample of 20 EFL teachers, 4from Moubarak AlMili Middle School and the rest from other middle schools to gather as much data as possible.The results of the present study show that EFL classes did not really change from teacher-centered to learner-centered approach. In contrary EFL teachers still teaching according to the old approach, which means that their pupils are passive not active learners and they do not build their own skills but the teacher do.
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