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Title: The Role of Audio-visual Aids in Improving EFL Learners’ Listening Skill: A Case Study of Third Year LMD Students at the University of Biskra
Authors: Touati Mossaab
Issue Date: 5-Dec-2014
Abstract: Recently, it was obvious that the importance of the listening skill is growing but a simultaneous negligence by the educators is in the way of giving more attention to this crucial aspect of language. This negligence has a huge effect in the progress of the learner in improving the listening skill and by that the acquisition of the target language. The present study aims at investigating the impact of using audio-visual aids in EFL classrooms as a medium to enhance the listening skill. For this purpose, we have conducted a questionnaire for both the students and the teachers of third year LMD at the English department of the University of Biskra. The students’ questionnaire is composed of nineteen questions while the teachers’ questionnaire constitutes of eleven questions. Findings from this study have shown that the achievement of competency in listening through audio-visual aids leads to a better achievement in comprehension ability.
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