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Title: An Attempt to Identify and Analyze some Causes behind Student􂀙s Lack of Reading
Authors: Meriem Bensedira
Issue Date: 5-Dec-2014
Abstract: The present study aims at investigating some causes behind student􂀙s lack of reading. It is clear that reading skill is characterized by a total ignorance; this is due to the fact that our students meet a lot of obstacles. The current study is stimulated by the fact that the lack of reading is caused by many reasons such as the impact of new technologies and the lack of motivation. In addition to that, students were not initiated in their primary schools with reading because of the lack of libraries. In order to achieve the aims above, a descriptive study is carried out with 30 students at the department of English Mohammed khieder at Biskra University. To determine the nature of the causes of the lack of reading, we opted for the questionnaire to gather and access student􂀙s attitude and opinions come to be the most affective technique to strengthen all sorts of the information. The results of the analysis reveal and confirm that these reasons are really considered to be behind student􂀙s lack of reading, also it affect their ability to read.
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