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Title: The role of classroom interaction in improving the students' speaking skill
Authors: Batite Taous
Issue Date: 5-Dec-2014
Abstract: The present study attempts to discover the role of classroom interaction in improving the learners’ speaking skill since the primary aim of learning any foreign language is to use it in communication; thus, classroom interaction is a key to reach that goal. This study introduces first of all a general overview on the speaking skill by mentioning its importance in the second language learning. Moreover, it investigates the relationship between teaching speaking and classroom interaction by reconsidering the role of classroom interaction in TEFL and showing the effectiveness of learner-learner and teacher-learner interaction inside the classroom. The paper’s main focus is to demonstrate that classroom interaction can be an effective pedagogical strategy to develop the learners’ speaking skill; through the analysis of the classroom observation that is conducted with third year LMD students of English at Biskra University during the academic year 2012- 2013, and the teachers’ interview which is conducted with the oral expression teachers at Biskra University. The findings of the classroom observation and the teachers’ interview have revealed that both learners and teachers consider classroom interaction as an important strategy in improving the speaking skill.
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