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Title: The Importance of Error Analysis in The Learners' Writing skill The caseof first year English students at Biskra University
Authors: Mezrag Mohamed
Issue Date: 5-Dec-2014
Abstract: The idea that error analysis could and should take place in the classroom became more and more popular especially in second or foreign language classroom. Today, many researchers claim that through classroom interaction knowledge can be constructed and skills can be developed. Teachers􀀀 roles and responsibilities were changed in the direction of facilitators of the learning and teaching processes. In this context, learners are supposed to be given opportunities to use the language naturally other than only memorizing dialogues and pattern practices. The present work aims at showing that error analysis can be a best pedagogical strategy to develop not only the learners􀀀 writing skill, but also to foster their capacity to generate new language This study is based on a questionnaire administrated to the first year LMD students to get information about the impact of error analysis on developing the learners􀀀 writing skill. The analysis of the questionnaire showed that learners consider error analysis as an important pedagogical strategy in enhancing and mastering the skill of writing.
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