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Title: The Use of Authentic Materials as Motivational Strategy to Develop Learners’ Speaking Proficiency
Authors: Karima Merchi
Issue Date: 5-Dec-2014
Abstract: The current study aims at studying the use of authentic materials as a motivational strategy to develop learners’ speaking proficiency in first year students of English at the department of English at Mohammed Kheider university of Biskra. In order to confirm or reject the hypotheses that the teacher uses authentic materials, they would enhance the students ‘speaking proficiency. The second one is if teacher rely on creative approach in using authentic materials, they will motivate learners to promote their degree of speaking competency. This research has been carried through questionnaires for teachers and students in addition to the classroom observation. The analysis of the teacher’ questionnaire reveals that the teachers use authentic materials especially audio visual one (video) and role play. Besides, the analysis of the student’ questionnaire reveals that the participants suffer from psychological problems: anxiety; lack of self-confidence when they express themselves and the misuse of the language accurately when speaking consequently leads to the hesitation (the level of fluency and accuracy seem to be low). The findings of this research indicate that the use of authentic materials can help students to be integrated meaningfully in the target language and develop self-confidence.
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