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Title: Reading comprehension as an effective strategy to improve pupil's vocabulary
Authors: Mabani lamia
Issue Date: 5-Dec-2014
Abstract: Reading is a basic communication skill, therefore; it is a centered activity in English as a Foreign Language (EFL). Our case study attempts to clarify reading comprehension as an effective strategy to improve Fourth Year (4th) pupil middle school in vocabulary. The research is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. Part one consists of two chapters. It covers the main elements and strategies related to the reading skill with activating the pupil’s in reading comprehension. The second part is specifically designed to our case study that aims at using reading comprehension in developing pupil’s vocabulary. It shows the results obtained from the questionnaires which try to foster the pupil’s mastery of vocabulary. And to improve and optimize the level of the pupils in the reading comprehension since they are learning a foreign language (FL). Generally speaking, this work intends to reach some objectives to show how reading comprehension is important for the foreign language learners. Firstly, we want through this work to focus on the potential advantages of reading comprehension to reach vocabulary proficiency. Secondly, we endeavor to foster the teachers on very crucial element which is motivation that has a great role in the reading process. Finally, we want to sensitize the pupils to activate their reading comprehension when they interact with texts. All in all, we have got some proposed answers and solutions from both teachers and pupils that have helped us reaching our objectives.
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