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Title: Bridging Teaching Methods and Techniques to Learning Styles and Strategies
Authors: Benbia Hakima
Issue Date: 5-Dec-2014
Abstract: The present work aims at looking for differences that exist among teachers and students in terms of their ways of teaching and learning and then finding out suitable strategies, techniques, and methods so as to respond to the learners’ needs and preferences. It surveys different learners’ learning styles and strategies, effective teaching methods and strategies, and then it states the ways of bridging a gap between the teachers’ ways of teaching and the learners’ preferable ways to be taught. The data gathering tool for this research are questionnaire and classroom observation which their chief purpose is to seek for both teachers’ and their students’ ways of teaching and learning as well. Questionnaire is administrated to teachers of English Department at Biskra University while classroom observation is made for both teachers and students of Third year level during the academic year: 2012/ 2013. The finding of both methods revealed that teachers are not the same concerning their ways of teaching as learners do. Therefore, the teachers’ main role is trying to adapt strategies, methods, procedures, techniques, and materials; it means all the available means that allow them to respond to their learners’ learning styles and strategies.
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