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Title: Enhancing EFL Learners’ Speaking Skill through Effective Teaching Methods and Strategies
Authors: Insaf HOUHOU
Issue Date: 5-Dec-2014
Abstract: The present study covers a general overview of the speaking skill; it also investigates the parameters of effective methods in teaching speaking. Moreover, it introduces some strategies that promote this skill and improves students’ proficiency. We have adapted a descriptive methodology of investigation with regard to the requirements of the presents research work. The main threefold objectives are identifying the main problems which may inhibit the EFL learners speaking skill, discussing the role of the EFL teachers in teaching speaking in order to help the EFL learners overcome their difficulties; and, lastly investigating the effective methods and strategies of teaching the speaking skill. The population is composed of second year LMD students and the teachers of the oral expression course at the University of Mohamed Kheider, Biskra. The most significant findings of our research work can be summarized in: first the teachers’ awareness and readiness of the efficiency of the suggested strategies, and the real application of those methods; second, students willingness to adopt and use these strategies in order to ameliorate their speaking skill proficiency. However, during our investigation we have encountered some difficulties in relationship to the lack of teachers in-service training in oral expression, the limited time which is allocated to the oral expression course, the lack of application of the new technologies and developments that characterize the teaching of the speaking skill. On the whole, our research brought many benefits to the students and teachers of our University.
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