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Title: Improving Students’ Listening Skill Through the Language Laboratory A case of third year students at the department of English-Bouzareah university
Authors: BENMADANI Nadjah
Issue Date: 5-Dec-2014
Abstract: Language laboratories have played an important role in the past of foreign languages teaching. The current study attempts to find out the impact of the language laboratory in 4 foreign language teaching and learning. This paper consists of three chapters, two theoretical and one practical. The theoretical ones deal with a background knowledge about listening skills in addition to a literature review and description of the English language laboratory. Whereas, the practical chapter consists of two parts that deal with data collection and analysis of the results. Our primary concern was to investigate students’ attitudes about using the language laboratory in language learning; mainly, to explore the hypothesis of whether the English language laboratories have a tangible effect on ameliorating students’ listening skills. In other words, we tried to come across the effect of language lab on improving students’ listening skills. A questionnaire was administrated to third year English LMD/sciences of the language University of Bouzareah. Eventually, the results prove the validity of our hypothesis. List of
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