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Title: Calcul du soulèvement d’un pieu isole fonde dans un sol gonflant.
Keywords: Swelling soil
Issue Date: 30-Dec-2013
Abstract: This article analyses the behaviour of a pile in a swelling soil when it is moistened. The tendency that develops itself at the present time, for the design of a pile in a swelling soil, consists in verifying the calculation of the bearing capacity of piles while taking into account the reduction of the resistance induced by the swelling soil on the lateral surface of the piles. This situation leads to an upward displacement of the pile and in case of excessive humidity the latter modify the characteristic of the rigidity as well as the bearing capacity, which in this case decreases. The proposed method consists in calculating the rise of the pile, based on the study of the influence of the type of swelling clay and the length of the pile.
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