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Title: Intégration des spécificités du littoral dans les documents d’urbanisme
Keywords: Littoral
Documents of Town planning
Sustainable Development
Issue Date: 30-Dec-2013
Abstract: The littoral is a geographical entity requiring specific planning, which cannot be conceived without taking into account the ecological requirements to the maintenance of the ecosystems and economic potentialities of the coastal areas. This paper presents a methodology aiming at the integration of the littoral specificities in the documents of town planning. Given the high preservation and protection stakes of these sensitive spaces, the littoral planning should operate within a well defined legal framework. The methodology developed here takes into consideration the hierarchy of standards and planning instruments ; knowingly the law relating to management and urban planning, the law enacting the particular regulations specific to the littoral, the Plan of Coastal planning (PAC), the Master plan of urban design and town planning (PDAU), and the Plan of land occupation (POS). First, at the Planning level (PDAU), the main zones of conflict of use as well as the sources of pollution have to be determined. Then, at the urban design level (POS), for each defined specificity, the parameters to be taken into account within the framework of planning should be identified, as well as the corresponding regulation and the types of interventions to be undertaken. Finally, architectural and urbanistic elements must be drawn up within the land occupation plan (POS).
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