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Title: Caractérisation de quelques variétés d'abricotier (Prunus arméniaca L.) dans la région de M'chounéche wilaya de Biskra
Authors: BENAZIZA, A
Keywords: characterization
apricot tree
Issue Date: 30-Dec-2013
Abstract: The culture of the apricot tree knew a remarkable extension in Algeria during the last decade. Superficies passed from 13.040 ha in 1995 to 40.000 ha in 2005 and the production respectively from41.233 qx to 100.000 qx. (F.A.O., 2005) With the advent of the new program of the development of agriculture (PNDA), the culture of rosacea with cores in particular apricot tree took a considerable relay in certain areas of the country. In the wilaya of Biskra, the development of the culture of the apricot Prunus arméniaca L. is located in two distinct zones, one in the West and the other in the East of the wilaya of Biskra. It is in the latter that we undertook this modest work. The study aims on the whole characteristics of certain varieties of apricot tree in the area of M’chouneche located at 35 km North-East of Biskra. While I based it on a descriptor UPOV 2005. I tested it in the first time to develop the study of certain morphological characters of three varieties relating to the leaves and the fruits.
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