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Title: الفساد المالي و الإداري: مدخــل لظاهرة غسيل الأموال وانتشارها
Authors: د. بن رجم محمّد خميسي
أ. حليمي حكيمة
Keywords: financial corruption, administrative corruption, money laundering.
Issue Date: 16-Mar-2015
Abstract: The phenomenon of corruption, especially in its administrative and financial staff has become the worst aspects of the modern global economy until it becomes a major disaster slowly swallow the date of the nation as a whole. We then try through this research to highlight the effects this may cause corruption of financial management and on various aspects of economic, social and political independence of any State. And here, we would like to study and analyze the negative effects that cause the appearance of the phenomenon of money laundering and spread in many Arab countries, including Algeria. Money laundering is the result of the financial and administrative corruption.
Appears in Collections:مداخـــلات ملتقــى الحوكمـــة

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