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Title: Effet de la salinité sur la rétention en eau des sols gypseux de la région de Ain Benoui (Biskra)
Authors: HIOUANI, F
Keywords: gypseous soils
arid areas
water holding capacity
Issue Date: 30-Dec-2013
Abstract: The studied soils are located in the sequence going of Djebel Bougzel in the upstream part until Sebkha in the downstream part, in the area of Ain Benoui, commune of El Hadjeb, in the south-west of Biskra. This region is characterized by an arid climate, with the presence of a ground water which is generally salted and a material gypso-calcareous. The results of this study show a reduction in moisture with the increase in suction in all the studied classes. Moreover, moisture tends to rise with the rise in salinity and that on the basis of first class (EC: 1.87 dS/m) until last (EC: 134 dS/m), with an increase in soils with fine texture.
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