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Title: The urbanization Principles of Bou-Saâda’s Ksar "Analysis of the form and content"
Keywords: Ksar
principles of urban planning
morphological analysis
the form and content
sustainable development
(historical, cultural, social, economic and environmental dimensions)
Issue Date: 30-Dec-2013
Abstract: This paper is an attempt to analyze the land use in the old settlement, the “Ksar” of Bou-Saada, a seven to eight century old town situated at 250 km south of the capital Algiers in the high plateau. Emphasis will be on the urban fabric as in form and structure. This study will focus on both punctual (squares, crossroads and intersections) and linear (streets, alleys and cul-desacs) urban entities and their relationship with the immediate built environment. Then, we pass on to the analysis of networks of public facilities and green spaces in the Ksar. Finally, and within the same context, the housing units will be investigated in order to depict the typological constants and variables principles underpinning the spiritual content of the ksar. The outcome of this research is aimed at providing designers at different scales with the necessary understanding and knowledge to address the needs of present and future generations as well as historical, cultural, social, economic and environmental dimensions of authenticity to ensure sustainable development.
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