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Title: دارة مشكلة تلوث المياه بالمخلفات الصناعية و تحقيق التنمية المستدامة بين النظري و التطبيق
Authors: كافي فريدة
ايمان بوشنقير
Keywords: water, industrial waste. management, water pollution, sustainable development
Issue Date: 28-Nov-2015
Abstract: Water demand is vital for humains and otherliving organisms,and water may be the cause of the end of life on Earth if contaminated as water is the basis of life there is no industry and no agriculture without water availability and pollution of water a significant impact in the lives of individuals,family and community and strive each countries in the world today that make the development of sustainable and balanced countries in the world today that make the development of sustainable and balanced, and sustainability is not achieved without a strong presence of the environmental and human dimension in the development process. And industrial waste in general are the most important environmental challenges that were not the largest in the present. And industrial waste means all waste resulting from industrial activities, especially the chemical industry, mining and food processing. The waste industry is a real danger to all elements of the environment, which is the water the most important elements, was shown this type of pollution is clearly in the seventies of the twentieth century and considers all of the manufacturing and mining industries the main sources of water pollutants, and that's what made us reconsider the need to protect this natural resource and the need for sustainability, as we must preserve the natural water and managing the problem of pollution resulting from industrial waste by imposing certain laws in addition to the need to take practical measures through waste treatment and waste, to put an end to this problem and to achieve sustainable development to ensure economic development and social as well as the sustainability of water and preservation of the environment and the ocean and as well as the awareness of individuals and industry to this danger. Permission to manage the problem of water pollution by industrial waste and the inevitability of the need to require us to confront them, and re-reflection and to make practical plans to achieve sustainable development and reduce water pollution and protect this natural resource.
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