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Keywords: Architecturological reformation
analog model
generative model
architectural space-place
solid device entrapment
Habitable Fluid Space
virtual volume in hollow
virtual cognitive
cooperative model
Issue Date: 30-Dec-2013
Abstract: The restoration of the buildings of antiquity from their traces, remnants and stories is the domain of archaeologists and historians. We propose an architecturological reconstruction as an additional method, which is more of a re-conception. A virtual, cognitive and collaborative model is proposed as a generative, dynamic and open model, as a processing system or expert system which involves a set of rules for organizing, training and systematized by the change in architectural analysis, producing variants of the prototype of the building of Imperial Baths from traces or remains only, and to draw their analog model also known as "project". We analyze a class of imperial Roman baths Type of Tunisia. A hydrotherapy or attendance thermal building is a practice perpetuated for thousands of years. This practice has developed from a simple act of bathing to a socio-economic, cultural and even political phenomenon and it is widely used since antiquity on both sides of the Mediterranean. It peaked with the Roma civilization where baths have become true temples of secular life. The method is to trace the formation- conception process of baths from their analog models necessarily incomplete, relating to the collection of known specimens described and illustrated by experts. Every change or disturbance introduced affects the entire building which tends to regain its equilibrium. The facts, data established by archaeologists and tangible evidence, are the determinants in the detailed description of the modeled specimen and its valisation.
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