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Title: دور شركات المساهمة في إصدار وتداول الأسهم في سوق رأس المال الإسلامي
Authors: نصبه, مسعودة
Issue Date: 31-Dec-2013
Abstract: joint-stock companies play an important role in the Islamic capital market, where barred from asylum-Muslim to lend money with interest, is also working to stimulate and encourage small savings to participate in the establishment of vital projects's accession capital little to like it a lot, which contribute to the building and prosperity of society and this through the issuance and trading of shares, and had to put controls the legitimacy of governing the work of joint stock companies, it may not be that it is permissible to deal with shares without differentiating between the types and mechanism of action and nature, some types of shares are tapped by usury, and some are issued by companies for illicit purposes and some of which are legitimate purposes, and other mixed .
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