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Title: The Stratigy Of Renewable Energies In Algeria In Order To Address Climate Change And Achieve The Sustainable Development The Realities And The Prospects
Keywords: Key Words: renewable energy, sustainable development, natural resources, the strategy.
Issue Date: 16-Jan-2016
Abstract: ABSTRACT: The climate changes which the world confronts today constitute an important challenge because of the effects of global warning in different fields, moreover, the problem of misusing the natural resources and the decline of the environment have a big impact on weakness of economic development. These challenges have pushed the world countries to seek for alternative, and the renewable energies were the best solution which can provide energy to ensure the continuity of economic activity without harming the environment. In this case Algeria has pursued this international method toward keeping environment by adopting the necessary measures and elaborating the suitable strategy to get energy and achieve the sustainable development.
ISSN: 7902- 1112
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