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Title: Implementing Efficiency within foreign language teaching
Authors: Temagoult, Slimane
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2013
Abstract: The concept of efficiency has shifted from the scientific, economic and financial domains to education. Basically into the field of foreign language teaching, in terms of exploiting all possible resources at hand to save time and energy, and obtain maximum, successful results in teaching and learning foreign languages. Consequently the role of a foreign language teacher has become more and more complex and sophisticated. Nowadays we view teaching and learning foreign languages under the angle of efficiency. The “how much” of everything, because FLT is much more than listing vocabulary items and setting grammar rules. Language learning is not also a matter acquiring a system of linguistic formulas. Teachers should be aware that they must be well versed in the broad background knowledge of the learners’ social environment that influences their students. Different pedagogical teaching; social and cultural aspects of the language being taught, relevant techniques to decode psychological characteristics of the learners. In efficiency language teaching is rather centred on variables than methods.
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