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Title: Ab Initio Study of Structural, Electronic, Magnetic Alloys: XTiSb (X =Co, Ni and Fe)
Authors: M. Ibrir
S. Lakel
S. Berri
S. Alleg
R. Bensalem
Keywords: ab-initio calculation, DFT, FP-LAPW, Half-Heusler.
Issue Date: 28-Feb-2016
Abstract: Structural, electronic and magnetic properties of three semi-Heusler compounds of CoTiSb, NiTiSb and FeTiSb were calculated by the method (FP-LAPW) which is based on the DFT code WIEN2k. We used the generalized gradient approximation (GGA (06)) for the term of the potential exchange and correlation (XC) to calculate structural properties, electronic properties and magnetic properties. Structural properties obtained as the lattice parameter are in good agreement with the experimental results available for the electronic and magnetic properties was that: CoTiSb is a semiconductor NiTiSb is a metal and FeTiSb is a half-metal ferromagnetic.
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