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Title: التوثيق اللغوي في مباحث المفسرين تفسير الجواهر الحسان لعبد الرحمن الثعالبي(*) الجزائري نموذجا
Authors: بوخالفة, السعيد
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2013
Abstract: There is no doubt that the method is related to the nature of the studied book and its goals. The principle aim of the interpretations of Quran (tafsir books)is to clarify the goals of Allah’s words. That shaped the Islamic books methods and writing, and oriented its ways of presenting and discussing its linguistic content. We want in this study to emphasize on the linguistic notation and indexing. ‘Abdu Rahman Ethaalibi’ In his interpretation of Quran ‘el jawahir el hissan’ used a lot of sayings and disagreements and doctrines. He discussed several matters and problems and appointed his view. The asked question is: was ‘Abdu Rahman Ethaalibi’ in his views inventing new ideas, or following the other interpreters of Quran?
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