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Title: Analysis of different forward current–voltage behaviours of Al implanted 4H-SiC vertical p–i–n diodes
Authors: M.L. Megherbi
F. Pezzimenti
L. Dehimi
S. Rao
F.G. Della Corte
Keywords: p–i–n diode Silicon carbide Device simulation Carrier lifetime
Issue Date: 28-Feb-2016
Abstract: In this work different experimental current–voltage behaviours of several Al implanted 4H-SiC p–i–n diodes are investigated by means of numerical simulations in a wide range of currents and temperatures. Some devices for which recombination and tunneling are the dominant current processes at all biases are classified as ‘‘leaky’’ diodes. The well behaved diodes, instead, show good rectifying characteristics with a current conduction due to tunneling below 1.7 V, recombination between 1.7 V and 2.5 V, and diffusion processes above 2.5 V. At higher current regimes, a series resistance in excess of 1 mX cm2 becomes the main current limiting factor. Depending on the relative weight between the contact resistances and the internal diode resistance, different temperature dependencies of the current are obtained. A good agreement between numerical and measured data is achieved employing temperature-dependent carrier lifetime and mobility as fitting parameters.
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