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Title: An Investigation into Extensive reading on EFL students Vocabulary Acquisition A Case Study of Third Year LMD Students of English at the University of Biskra
Authors: KHACHAI, Hana
Issue Date: 28-Feb-2016
Abstract: English students aim to acquire vocabulary in English for developing language and proficiency as well. This research investigates extensive reading approach in acquiring vocabulary in English language that students try to achieve. The lack of reading in English language impairs the acquisition of vocabulary knowledge. We hypothesize that if students read extensively they will be able to acquire vocabulary. For that reason, the objective of delivering this study is to make an investigation into extensive reading in acquiring foreign language vocabulary. For that, the proper method for the research is the descriptive method through conducting questionnaire as statistical measure of interpreting data. Questionnaire is the tool of this study that will help to elicit students and teachers‟ thoughts about the two main variables extensive reading and vocabulary acquisition. As any, this study has its limitations in conducting this research to interpret data.
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