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Authors: Zakaria Boumerzoug
Salim Gareh
Keywords: creep deformation, drawn copper wire, creep constitutive model
Issue Date: 28-Feb-2016
Abstract: The high-temperature creep behaviour of drawn copper wire was studied by different constant stresses 98,108 and 118 MPa and under the temperatures of 250, 290 and 340°C. This study deals with the creep based prediction modelling of an industrial copper wire. The proposed unified creep damage constitutive equations were determined using experimental data achieved for materials at applied stress. The comparison of experimental and predicted effective creep strain curves is carried out for all applied stresses applied on the drawn copper wire. The evaluated stress exponent n = 9.21, 10 and 14 and the activation energy Q = 22.25, 31.75 and 50.75 indicated that the creep deformation of the drawn copper wire is controlled by the dislocation creep. The evaluated of the mean relative error from 5.18 % to 10.11 confirmed the creep strain predicted by the proposed model well agree with experimental data.
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