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Title: الآليات القانونية لضبط النشاط الإقتصادي في الجزائر
Authors: Mansour dawoud
Keywords: الضبط ، سلطات الضبط الاقتصادي
Issue Date: 14-Mar-2016
Abstract: ABSTRACT : The Algerian economy is characterized for a period of time by the dominance of the state and its control over all aspects, where it was interventionist .This method of intervention has led to negative effects, these have caused economic crisis that affected all areas, why it seemed necessary to review the functions and adapt to deal with new national and international transformations to highlight the changing role of the welfare state to the regulator state. This development led to the withdrawal of the state that was replaced in the field of regulation by the regulatory authorities of the financial and economic activity that symbolize the basis of economic regulation in the various economic sectors. These authorities, who were born in a crisis of a liberal regime, came to control and adapt the economy, and that it is compatible with the global economic trend towards globalization. Not only that, these authorities have a new vision of the relationship between state and market, imposed by the governance requirements which express the need to compensate the former tyrannical methods with new methods based on consultation and participation of economic and social actors. On this basis, the regulatory authorities should be endowed with all the powers necessary for the exercise of its regulatory mission of any regulatory, law enforcement powers, the powers of authorization or individual decisions, powers of injunction, the investigative powers, a power of arbitration and dispute resolution, the different disciplines has enabled it to more effectively oversee the industry thanks to the cohesion between interventions and possible decisions
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