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Authors: نجاخ منصري
Issue Date: 14-Mar-2016
Abstract: ABSTRACT : This study aims to show the impact resulting from signing of Euro-Mediterranean Agreements and the establishment of free Euro-Mediterranean trade zone on inter-Arab trade, and the establishment of a major Arab free trade zone. International economic relations at the present time are characterized by a large interrelationship and interdependency, encouraging most of the countries in the world; whether developed or developing, to form economic blocs and groupings; whether in a bilateral or multilateral way. At the level of Arab countries, in the context of their efforts to keep pace with developments occurring in the world, they proceeded to go two different ways, in order to achieve their economic development and to accompany the course of the rapid change in the global economy. The first trend focused on its complementary efforts with each other; whereas the establishment of an Arab free trade zone is considered as a logical entrance to gain access to higher degrees of integration among Arab countries in order to maintain their interests in front of international economic blocs. The second trend consisted in the signature of cooperation and partnerships agreements with various economic coalitions; the most important was the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Agreement, between the Arab countries and the European Union. It is worthy to note that this latter initiated the launch and design of all agreements with Arab countries, following the objectives that suited it best, regardless of integrative interests of the Arab countries; this, because Arab countries perform their negotiations individually with the European Union, therefore the EU gets more bargaining power to ensure its superiority as a single entity facing dispersed countries. ...........
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